LENYIS Core Committee Members
Embracing Latinidad

Zenaida (Zeny) Muslin, Founder

Latino Educators In New York Independent Schools (LENYIS) was founded fifteen years ago by Zenaida Muslin. LENYIS is an organizing group of Latino educators who hold a variety of professional roles in New York City independent schools. 

We are a pan-ethnic group of adults, made up of the range of twenty-two Spanish speaking countries. We are multigenerational,
multi-lingual, lgbtqi+ inclusive, acknowledge the African diaspora within our roots as well as our indigenous cultures and his/her stories. 



Zeny is a Puertorican born educator who has devoted her life to conversations on diversity and inclusion. Her goal is to support Latino educators  in developing a strong voice and presence in NY independent schools, and to support Latino students and their families in NY independent schools in maintaining a positive and strong self image; that their strong and rich cultures enrich  their schools curricula and communities.

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Dr. Sandra (Chap) Chapman, LENYIS Co-Facilitator

Director of Equity & Community at Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School

Dr. Sandra Chapman, is a Nuyorican. She was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC and of Dominican immigrant and Puerto Rican migrant parents. Chap’s has dedicated her life to equity and community initiatives, including helping the Latinx community through the programs delivered via LENYIS.    email


Natalie Sanchez -

Program Associate at
Horace Mann school

As a graduate and current employee of an independent school I am passionate and committed to the LENYIS mission. I am dedicated to empowering and creating greater visibility for the Latinx community in our schools. 

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Jose Guzman,

Math/Science Coordinator - Bank Street School for Children

A life long educator and learner, José Guzmán is the Math/Science Coordinator at Bank Street School for Children. He has also served as an affinity group facilitator for over a decade at his school. José is a Nuyorican with a deep appreciation and affection for his Latinx community, and he is a proud member of LENYIS.


Imani Romney-Rosa,

Grace Church School, High School World Language Teacher

I love the opportunity to work with Latino faculty city-wide. As we discuss our own latinidad and hold up the latinidad of our students, we form bridges and connections across schools and across generations. I appreciate the ability to focus on this aspect of my identity and to elevate the voices of my latino students in my home institution.

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Vanessa D’Egidio

The School at Columbia, 7th Grade Social Studies

Over the past ten years, she has enjoyed teaching and learning with inspiring students from kindergarten through high school. Vanessa brings to the classroom a passion for social justice education, with a particular interest in intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality. She seeks to create affirming, transformative spaces where people feel empowered to think critically and take social action. A proud Boricua-Italiana, Vanessa loves being part of the LENYIS family. Through her work with LENYIS, she strives to grow connections between Latinx youth and educators across school communities. Pa'lante! 

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Raquel Zenaida Muslin, Web designer & Social Media Consultant

Freelance Designer, Artist, & Art Educator

I am strengthened by the opportunity to give back to the community and be part of a conversation that is important to our students growth as people of color and our future world educators.