Embracing Latinidad

Latino Educators In New York Independent Schools (LENYIS) was founded fifteen years ago by Zenaida Muslin. LENYIS is an organizing group of Latino educators who hold a variety of professional roles in New York City independent schools. 

We are a pan-ethnic group of adults, made up of the range of twenty-two Spanish speaking countries. We are multigenerational,
multi-lingual, lgbtqi+ inclusive, acknowledge the African diaspora within our roots as well as our indigenous cultures and his/herstories. 

Zenaida (Zeny) Muslin, Founder

Zenaida (Zeny) Muslin, Founder

Zenaida Muslin (ZENY), FOunder

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Sandra (Chap) Chapman, Ed. D., Facilitator

Little Red School House


Vanessa D’Egidio

The School At Columbia

Imani Romney-Rosa
Grace Church School, High School World Language Teacher
I love the opportunity to work with Latino faculty city-wide. As we discuss our own latinidad and hold up the latinidad of our students, we form bridges and connections across schools and across generations. I appreciate the ability to focus on this aspect of my identity and to elevate the voices of my latino students in my home institution.






Jose Guzman

Bank Street School For Children

Natalie Sanchez

The Dalton School